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Poster: Scott S. Lawton Date: Apr 17, 2005 5:25pm
Forum: iacl Subject: many bad links in iacl, can I help?

For example, two out of the first three "most downloaded" (A Apple Pie, Little Bear At Work And Play) yield an error.

A search for "Little Bear" or the author doesn't help; both lead to the same broken link

If there's any data that exists but needs to be reconciled (e.g. an old catalog plus one or more "ls -al" results), I'd be happy to spend some time on it. I have experience organizing book metadata, and am familiar with the contents of ICDL.

The exact error message:

Problem with item: item has no metadata
Either this problem is temporary or the item has been removed.
NOTE: We have recently reorganized our texts and movies so some old bookmarks may fail and the item may require searching.

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Poster: tracey pooh Date: Jun 19, 2005 6:14pm
Forum: iacl Subject: Re: many bad links in iacl, can I help?

hi scott,

are you still interested in helping? 8-)

I just "brought back" A Apple Pie
and i have an old exported mysql table that I used
to repopulate some of the data...